IELTS Writing Task 2: Mixed or Single-sex Schools

by Wanghuan

Task: Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Education is important to every parents regardless their nationality or culture. In recent years, whether boys and girls should be educated separately became a contentious topic. Some people think it is positive to child if they attend different school, but I strongly believe that mixed school might be more suitable to their education.

I give my reasons as follows. First of all, dual-sex school is helpful to kids to know more about the opposite sex. They can understand the different of boy and girls, for example, girls always are calm but boys like more noise. It is very useful for them to know about this early, because they should know how to respect and interoperate with an opposite sex when they join social in future. Another reason is they can learn from each other if study in same school. Usually, girls are good and dancing and drawing, but boys are skilled at sports. They may get some beneficial help each other when taking part in public activities.

On the other hand, some people support that children should be in single-sex school. One of their excuse is this can avoid many negative disturbing, such as loving. It is always a sever issue to parents if their child fall in love too early, and it may influent their study very obviously. I cannot agree this reason because loving is always a barrier of education, if parents can guide and lead correctly, may it can be a nice motive of kids. As far as I know, the champion of Guangdong in this year’s college entrance examination was encouraged by his girlfriend to struggle for the top university of China when he was in senior high school.

Although I agree that there are both advantage and disadvantage of single-sex school but I personally believe dual-sex school is better for children’s education.

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Jul 11, 2013
Hello Wanghuan
by: go-proofreader

For sure you should focus on doing more tasks! It’s not so much your vocabulary that is the problem (you have the words), but rather that you use the wrong form of words or misspell them. You can make mistakes and still get a 6 for LR and GRA, but you need to make sure the examiner understands what your are trying to say and make sure that mistakes are not predominant.

There are other things that you can do that will also strengthen your mark. Use 5 paragraphs instead of 4, and if you want to learn any new vocabulary focus on cohesive devices/linking words – however, moreover, in consequence, indeed, furthermore… you can look in the section on this website for IELTS vocabulary and coherence and cohesion. This will also help LR and GRA.

You can also strengthen your thesis statement and organize your answer better, that will help too. My advice at the moment would be to first look at some of the model answers on the website and the sections for IELTS vocabulary, after that send another example of your writing and we can take it from there. You should get as much writing practice as possible before the test and as much feedback as you can about your answers to the IELTS questions. One final point, don't neglect task 1!

Jul 10, 2013
by: Wanghuan

Thanks for your commnets,go-proofreader.

I think you are quiet right in your comments, that my weak point is LR/GRA. Actually, it made me a little depressed.

I plan to attend IELTS in 1-2 month, and my target score is 6. Is it possible for me to improve my LR/GRA in this short time?

I have no much time to do preparation because of work, which way do you think is better: do more practice of task, or just try to learn more vocabulary?

Jul 10, 2013
Hello Wanghuan
by: go-proofreader

Thanks for sending us your IELTS task 2 answer!

Here's my analysis of your answer, with a band prediction and some advice and tips on how to improve.

TR (Task Response). You have just done enough to get a 6 for TR. You have addressed all parts of the task although some parts are more fully covered than others. Your position is relevant, however the conclusion is repetitive and too short. You have also expressed main ideas but they are inadequately developed and sometimes unclear. TR – 6

CC (Coherence and Cohesion). You arrange information and ideas coherently and there is a clear overall progression. Your cohesion within and/or between sentences however is sometimes faulty or mechanical. Referencing is not always used clearly or appropriately and you could improve your paragraphing. You are also very weak on cohesive/linking words - however, moreover, therefore... Nevertheless, your writing is just about good enough for a 6 for CC, but it is a very weak 6. CC – 6

LR (Lexical Resource). Your vocabulary is adequate for the task but quite basic. The problem however is that there are noticeable and frequent errors in spelling and word formation, which cause difficulty for the reader e.g. “One of their excuse is this can avoid many negative disturbing, such as loving.” It is not clear at all here what you are trying to say here and there are quite a few examples like this in your answer. LR - 5

GRA: (Grammatical Range and Accuracy). Again, the main problem here is the frequency of grammatical errors. You have complex sentences but they tend to be faulty and this causes difficulty for the reader. GRA – 5

Overall band prediction for this IELTS task 2 answer: 6 6 5 5 = 5.5

Top Tips: You have made a good attempt to answer the question. You have a thesis statement in your introduction which expresses your position clearly. I would advise you to have 5 paragraphs not 4 and follow the plan of the model answer on this website for answering, ‘discuss both views and give your own opinion essays’. You also need a much better conclusion, restate your position and the main points you made to support your position. The main problems you have are clearly for LR and GRA. This is not something that can be improved in the short term. If you are taking the test soon I would advise you to use words that you are sure you are using correctly. You can make mistakes in spelling and word formation and get a 6 for LR, but it must be clear what you mean.

If you have any questions or would like to send any more samples of your IELTS writing please get in touch again!

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